Jurassic Park Gets Turned Into A Fyre Fest Documentary

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park has been reimagined as a Fyre Fest documentary. The real-life festival spawned two documentaries simultaneously on Netflix and Hulu, and the connections the festival has to Jurassic Park are surprisingly similar.

In January, Netflix and Hulu released documentaries of their own about the same subject: the failed Fyre Music Festival from CEO Billy McFarland. Both documentaries feature the story behind McFarland’s failed attempt to create a luxury music festival that ultimately led to class action lawsuits and a six-year prison sentence for McFarland. By comparison, the events of Jurassic Park and its sequels are arguably more tragic, but that’s not to say that the pet projects of both McFarland and the fictional CEO John Hammond don’t share some unfortunate similarities.

Nerdist released a fake trailer that combines elements from both Netflix’s Fyre documentary and the Jurassic Park films. Titled Jurassic Fraud, the trailer splices together footage to make it appear as though the guests from the documentary attending the festival are actually attending Jurassic Park itself, showing that on top of issues with sleeping arrangements and dining, there also happen to be dinosaurs roaming freely around the island. The trailer even nods to the popular Instagram picture that went viral from Fyre Fest that showed how unimpressive the food options were, but replaces the slices of bread and cheese with lime jello – which Lex (Ariana Richards) eats toward the end of Jurassic Park. Check out the trailer below:

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The trailer cleverly draws parallels between McFarland and Hammond, who both purchased an island with hopes of attracting guests and “spared no expense.” That said, one notable difference between the Fyre Music Festival and Jurassic Park was the fact that – had security been tighter – Hammond’s promise to prospective guests was actually legitimate. The dinosaurs were real and guests could actually seem them. With the Fyre Fest, on the other hand, even McFarland’s pitch presentation for the festival was ill-conceived, with no legitimate business plan put into effect.

The Fyre Music Festival and the events of Jurassic Park both made headlines and became legal nightmares, but if there had to be one silver lining, it’s that Fyre is likely the last of McFarland’s attempts at creating another music festival. Hammond’s actions, on the other hand, subsequently led to more aggressive attempts to profit off of dinosaurs, regardless of past tragedies and potential mishaps in the future. Whether that makes one of these CEOs more respectable than other, however, is difficult to say.

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