Game Of Thrones Season 8: Every Character Confirmed To Be At Winterfell


HBO has released a new batch of stills from Game of Thrones season 8, and they confirm that Winterfell is going to be very crowded come April. While the entire cast was featured in the photos released, the majority of them appeared to be at the Stark family home. Cersei clearly kept her word to herself and remained in Kings Landing, but virtually every other major character has made it to the wintry north to fight the army of the dead.

That’s not entirely surprising considering everyone but the Queen of Westeros is fully on board with pausing the in-fighting to deal with the encroaching threat, but it did remind us that not everyone who’s at Winterfell will be happy to see one another. While they all might be nominally united in the war against the Night King, it’s entirely possible all these reunions at once might cause a significant stir before any ice battles are waged.

If you thought season 8 was just going to be one, long extended Hardhome 2.0, you haven’t been paying attention. Game of Thrones has never been about the battle knocking on Westeros’ back door, but all the little ones weakening the continent from the inside. Given the major players that are at Winterfell and the major beef some of them have with each other, we think it’s safe to say the Wars to Come will have nothing on the inaugural Stargaryen family dinner. Here’s a list of the new Who’s Who of Winterfell come April 14th.


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